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Crew Profile

Number of Crew: 4

SASSY’s crew are highly trained, dedicated professionals. They not only bring individual skills to the yacht’s operation, but also the versatility to utilize them in varying and ever-changing conditions and locations. You set the pace. If you prefer discreet service on our yacht where the crew are unobtrusive but always available if needed, the captain, adept at assessing the requirements of each charter, will instruct the crew accordingly. For those who would like to be on more informal terms, you will find that the yacht’s crew will react accordingly-but without compromising levels of service.

SASSY’s crew is able to offer formal and impeccable onboard service. As a team they are flexible and experts at adapting to your own personal style. The crew is there to please only you and they delight in going beyond the call of duty to ensure that your time spent onboard is memorable in every way. I would like to introduce the crew of SASSYI:


Captain: Michael Vogelsang
Nationality: USA

Bio coming soon.


First Mate: Lia Spinelli

Bio coming soon.


Chef: Michael Brandt

Michael’s passion for food started when he lived in New Orleans taking culinary courses in high school and competing in local and state culinary competitions, during a contest Michael caught the attention of Chef John Besh. After a long conversation with Michael, Chef Besh brought Michael into Restaurant August and trained him for two years. After graduation Michael attended Johnson and Wales University where he studied baking and pastry. Upon leaving Johnson and Wales Michael ran several restaurants as the executive chef and pastry chef. Growing tired of the routine of restaurant life Michael made the transition to yachting which coming from a coast guard family was an easy move. Michael has been working on yachts for 5 years now and has been the chef on several charter vessels as well as private yachts.


Chief Stewardess: Vivienne James

Born in Britain but raised in the deep south including Georgia, Alabama & Florida, Vivienne’s love of the water combined with her extensive guest/client relationships, southern hospitality & experience in the service industry landed her into yachting. Her passions for traveling, learning new foods, cooking, running, horse riding, hiking and anything outdoors make this career prefect for her lifestyle.

Always willing to learn more and grow in her career in yachting she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty on deck or show her attention to detail below deck while always providing a contagious smile. If there’s a challenge or adventure she’s up for it! Vivienne has become a great addition to GiGi II providing the lifestyle and service that you would expect of a yacht of this quality.


Sassy can take you on your next adventure